Nannies and child carer’s are being paid less than gardeners

Nannies and childcarers are being paid less than gardeners, a new study has found, and even less than cleaners. More than 2.7 million households in the UK have some kind of help in the home but nannies and childcarers are being paid an average of £3.64 an hour compared to £4.85 for cleaners and £6.46 for gardeners.

And the 21st Century Housekeeping report, by Norwich Union, also found that two in three families who pay for domestic help don’t bother to do any research such as checking references before they take an employee on.

One nanny agency in London has said that the report is spot on – they get phone calls asking for an au pair for £45 a week.

The owner of the agency warned that some people in London will pay a cleaner £10 to mop the floor but leave their most precious possession with a nanny on no more than £6 an hour.

A live-in nanny in London would normally earn £200 to £300 a week after tax and national insurance with maternity nurses, who help women through the first few weeks, paid around £15 an hour. Nursery nurses typically earn around £4.25 an hour before tax and National

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