Choosing a disposable nappy

There are lots of disposable brands to choose from. The two big-name brands are frequently redesigning, with new, innovative high-tech features, including nappies that breathe, nappies that lock urine away from the skin, nappies that contain a slow releasing skin care lotion, nappy tabs that stretch and nappy tabs that reseal again even after coming into contact
with creams.

All the supermarket chains have a wide range of own-label brands, as do some of the big
high street stores selling baby products. Most mums find a brand of nappy they like and
trust very quickly, then stick to it. The named brands tend to be more expensive than the
supermarket own-label versions, but cost is not always the main consideration. Some people
find the named brands more absorbent, while others find the supermarket brands just as
effective, as well as being more economical.

If you find a named brand that is more absorbent, you could use these at night when you
need a really absorbent nappy that isn’t going to leak, and the cheaper supermarket
brands during the day when you’re changing nappies frequently.

By trial and error you will find the best nappy for your baby. Look for:

  • Absorbency – does it keep your baby’s skin clean and dry and free from nappy rash?
  • Fit – does it fit well round the tummy and round the legs to stop possible leaks?
  • Comfort – is it soft and padded with no hard plastic edges?
  • Price – how economical is it? It may be a false economy to choose cheaper nappies if
    you’re having to change them frequently to keep your baby dry
  • Convenience – can you buy your chosen brand easily?

Depending on the nappy size, there may be boy and girl versions available, although the
trend is increasingly towards unisex nappies for all sizes.

Nappies are also available specifically for night-time use, usually in the bigger sizes, with an extra absorbent core for added security against leaks.

Practice pants or pull-ups are designed for toddlers learning to use the potty or toilet and are half way between a disposable nappy and a pair of pants.

Normal disposable nappies should never be flushed down the toilet, but there’s a new product which can be flushed down the loo. It’s a two-part nappy: waterproof breathable pants which go in the washing machine and a compostable disposable inner nappy pad which safely goes down the loo.

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