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If your baby suffers from eczema or any other dry-skin complaint,
you may want to consider buying him garments in DermaSilk –
an innovative fabric which is impregnated with antibacterial
Microbial Shield to reduce irritation.

The silk material has been shown in clinical trials to help
control the ‘itch-scratch’ cycle associated with some skin conditions.

The DermaSilk Therapeutic Underwear range by Espère Healthcare
Ltd includes baby suits, vests, pants, gloves and leggings to be
worn underneath outerwear, and has been classified as a medical
device in the EU.

It’s not cheap, starting at £15 for a pair of gloves, but could
be tremendously helpful for babies with very sensitive skin or eczema.
For more information or to place an order, visit
or call 08700 42 42 32 for a brochure.

Babies with sensitive skin sometimes find manmade fabrics
uncomfortable or irritating, although manufacturers are working hard to
improve the feel of their fabrics in order to combat this problem. For
maximum comfort, look out for clothes in 100% cotton or silk.

Cotton is wonderfully cool in the summer; silk is warmer
for winter; viscose is also a good choice, although not many baby clothes
are made from this natural fibre. Other natural fibres like 100% wool
or linen can be scratchy or itchy and are probably best avoided.

Clever mums will:

  • Shop around for cheaper ranges of non-synthetic clothing.
  • Buy larger sizes of natural-fabric clothing in the sales for future

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