Nappy accessories

As well as nappies, there are other nappy accessories that you might need when you are changing your baby’s nappy.

Nappy creams

Nappy cream either acts as a barrier to help prevent bacteria reaching your baby’s skin, or it’s designed to help treat nappy rash. Before buying a cream, look at the label to see what it’s intended for. If your baby has persistent nappy rash, see your doctor or health visitor.

Nappy liners

These thin sheets of fabric sit inside a reusable terry nappy to collect the worst of the waste. When you change the nappy you can simply shake its contents into the loo. Liners are cheap and easy to use and save a great deal of washing.

Nappy pins

These are large safety pins with a shaped cover on the head which makes sure the pin cannot accidentally come undone while being worn.

Baby wipes

During the first few weeks, you’ll find cotton wool and warm water or baby lotion are best for cleaning your baby’s bottom, but as he gets older, baby wipes are more convenient. These are moist tissues which come in many variations: fragranced or fragrance-free, extra soft or extra thick, penetrated with baby lotion, designed for faces and bottoms. All come in easy-release boxes, with refill packs available and re-sealable travel packs.

Nappy sacks

A simple idea, these are tie-up, fragranced plastic sacks, just the right size to take a nappy. They are a hygienic and convenient way of disposing of nappies or transporting reusables. Nappy sacks should be tied securely with the tie handles and disposed of directly into an outdoor dustbin.

Nappy disposal system

For disposable nappies, a nappy bin is invaluable as it saves you countless trips to the dustbin to dispose of that dirty, smelly nappy. Push the dirty nappy into the bin and it automatically wraps and seals it in fragranced film and then compacts and stores them until they’re put in the dustbin.

Nappy buckets

These are for soaking reusable nappies in a sanitising solution. They usually have a straining system built in so the sanitising solution can be drained off before the nappies are washed. Some have a section for holding a deodorising block in the lid. It is worth buying two nappy buckets if you plan to use reusable nappies all the time.

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