Sheila Kitzinger rediscovers birth

Sheila Kitzinger is respected the world over as a social anthropologist of
birth and a leading authority on pregnancy and motherhood. Author of
23 books – published in 19 different languages – her advice has been
treasured by millions.

She is an honorary professor at Thames Valley University where she teaches an MA in midwifery in the Wolfson School of Health Sciences. She also teaches workshops on the social anthropology of birth and breastfeeding and on unhappiness after childbirth for birth educators and postnatal counsellors.

She campaigns for women to have the information they need to make choices about childbirth and is a strong believer in the benefits of home birth.

Her research includes work on women’s experiences of antenatal care, birth plans, induction of labour, epidurals, episiotomy, hospital care in childbirth, children’s experiences of being present at birth, post traumatic stress following childbirth and the many different messages that touch can give during childbirth.

Sheila’s latest book, Rediscovering Birth, brings together
much of the research she has carried out over the decades and provides
a fascinating insight into birth in the different cultures across the
globe. Click here to read a full review of the book >>

We have two articles written by Sheila Kitzinger for babyworld,
first she shares her knowledge and experience of water birth. Click
to read The Water Birth Experience.

Secondly, Sheila writes about women who are haunted by their
experiences of birth, suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Click here >>

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