Baby swings and bouncers

Swings and bouncer chairs are an ideal purchase for your child’s first year and can provide a wide range of sensory benefits. Available in a multitude of different shapes, sizes and designs – here are things you should consider before buying:

Design Features

Think about what is likely to preserve your baby’s interest. Regular nappers and very young babies will enjoy a swinging/vibrating motion to coax them into la la land, whereas active tots will benefit more from hanging toy bars, bright colours and musical sounds.

Ease of Use/Portability

If you need to move the swing/bouncer around, you need to consider weight, size and collapsibility. Additionally, if living space is restricted avoid one of the bigger framed swings as they’ll swamp the room in seconds. Additional extras to look out for are wheels on the base, easily foldable frames and removable, washable covers.


If you want your child to get good use out of it, a swing/bouncer that offers lots of good features is important. Look for removable toys that you can replace with your own fun creations, different bouncer/swing settings to lull your child to sleep and contrasting textures on the materials.


If your baby is to enjoy spending time in his swing/bouncer, comfort is a priority. Look for models that provide a good amount of support for your baby’s back and neck with the added benefit of soft materials and padded seating.

Quality/Value for Money

If you’re intent on using your swing/bouncer for more than one child, you’ll need a robust model that will stand the test of time. Look for solid structures, good quality materials and well-built frames that you know will last.

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