Question: Baby falling off the breast

Q: “Sometimes when he’s feeding, my seven-week-old son will struggle and ‘fall off’ the breast. He then gets upset and cries. This goes on for a while, and then suddenly he’ll either sleep or feed. Is there a reason for this? What should I do when it happens?”

A: Without seeing your son, it is a little difficult to be sure of the cause of the problem. It may be that he is not comfortable at the breast and that he is curled up too much, causing wind as the milk goes down. If possible, have him tucked in close to you so that his body is straight and, in particular, his head is extended. Sometimes a baby will come off for no apparent reason and I would then just cuddle him to reassure him that all is well and put him back on again.
Gill James, Babyworld Breastfeeding Expert.

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