Homeopathic remedies – Eczema

For babies, tablets should be crushed between two clean teaspoons and dissolved in 2fl oz of warm water, giving a teaspoon full as a dose. For young children, the tablets should be given crushed. Chamomilla is available in drop form.

The homeopathic view is that eczema is a disease of the whole metabolic system. The skin is trying to get rid of toxins in the bloodstream. Manifests itself as patches of dry skin, which become red, scaly and itchy. In severe cases, little blisters form which weep and can become infected.

Remedies can help in the short term, but constitutional homeopathic treatment is advised, under the guidance of a practitioner.

To be taken once a day for up to five days. Use 6c.


When to use

SulphurItchy, dry, red skin, especially in bed or
after a bath. Scratching leads to burning and smarting.
Rhus toxBlistered skin, particularly the wrists. Worse
in damp conditions. Very itchy.
PetroleumSkin erupts with yellow crusts. Worse at
GraphitesSkin cracked and weepy.

In babies, seborrhoeic eczema is quite common and causes red blotches and spots, usually on the face, neck, armpits or nappy area, and scaly patches on the scalp known as cradle cap. Calendula ointment and olive oil can help. The condition is usually not serious and disappears after a few months.

Remedies to be given once a day for up to five days. Use 6c.


When to use

GraphitesSkin weepy and encrusted.
Possible infection.
LycopodiumSkin dry and scaly. No infection.

 Remedies should be discontinued as soon as symptoms improve or if symptoms worsen.

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