Vasa Previa petition at the 20 week scan

Can you help a babyworld member by signing her petition to campaign for Vasa Previa to included in the 20 week scan.

Niki Cunningham is petitoning to the HM Government to have the Vasa Previa test added on to the list of conditions checked in this scan, to prevent 400 babies a year losing their lives, and 400 families a year suffering this hideous devastation.

The e-petition can be accessed here:

Vasa Previa

Harry’s death could have been prevented, had the condition been diagnosed earlier on in pregnancy. The condition is known as vasa praevia and velamentous cord insertion. To learn more about these conditions please see:

Vasa Praevia:
Velamentous Cord Insertion:

These conditions are not routinely checked in your 20 week anomally scan due to “resource issues” (time and cost).

About the Trust:

The Harry Cunningham Trust has been set up by Niki and Jamie Cunningham on behalf of their son, Harry, who died aged 26 hours on 10th June 2012. He was born by emergency caesarean section after suffering from a a ruptured vessel in his umbilical cord during in labour, meaning he was without oxygen for half an hour, causing considerable brain damage and organ failure.

The team at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital worked tirelessly to resuscitate Harry, and he was immediately taken to their neonatal facility. Harry received hours and hours of intensive care and treatment, with the Doctors and nurses working so hard around the clock, using ground breaking treatment and trying all the could to prolong Harry’s life.

Harry managed to meet his entire family in his day at the neonatal ward, and the staff made the whole family all feel welcome and at ease whilst meeting and spending time with Harry, creating precious and everlasting memories.

Had it not have been for the staff at the neonatal ward, not only may the family not have been able to meet Harry but they would not have had that incredibly special 26 hours with their beautiful boy.

The e-petition can be accessed here:

Please take the time to complete your details to support this petition, we need 100,000 signatures (in 6 months) to take this campaign to the House of Commons for review.

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Photo Credit: Harry Cunningham Trust

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