What’s in a name? New trends for 2013

2013 baby namesWe’ve barely broken the surface of 2013, with Easter only just behind us, but already there are trends emerging this year for baby names across the UK, with the publication of Babynames.co.uk figures for popular baby names for the first quarter of 2013.

Some of the top names from 2012 look set to stay popular this year with Amelia, Olivia and Mia maintaining their high ranks for the girls and Harry, Oliver and Jacob still holding their own in the boys’ top ten. More names are being taken from our grandparents’ era and there is a notable shift in attitude towards what are often seen as more middle class names.

“Interestingly we have seen a significant increase in popularity of the names Violet and Arthur popular at the start of the 20th Century, and Evelyn which was popular in the 1930s.”

‘Names follow trends, just like clothes and hairstyles – with some taking longer to come full circle than others’ said Siobhan Thomas, Chief Editor at BabyNames.co.uk. ‘Whilst new parents today are likely to balk at the suggestion of Susan, Linda, Ian or Keith for their baby (names popular amongst their parents’ generation), looking back to their grandparents’ era is far more attractive.’

There are a number of girls’ names that have been sitting just outside the top 50 for a while which are making a sudden leap towards the top ten this year – Amelie and Florence being two notable climbers. Whilst in the boys’ camp Toby, Sebastian and Jasper are all looking set to become more popular choices for 2013. ‘A lot of these names have traditionally held a somewhat middle-class association for people. It may be that new parents are reflecting their aspirations for their children by using these names or it may be that the “posh” connotation isn’t something that fazes people as much any more.’ said Siobhan.

Celebrities and their babies continue to affect people’s opinions on names. ‘Jessica is a name that is proving as popular this year as it was last year, and its common association with Britain’s much-loved Olympian Jessica Ennis can be credited for its popularity’ said Siobhan.

Names with Royal connections are continuing to be popular this year, particularly boys’ names. William and Harry are still projected to be amongst the top ranking for 2013 and Henry is currently attracting even more attention from the Babynames.co.uk members than it has done previously. ‘There seems to be less momentum for the girls when it comes to following Royal traditions.’ said Siobhan. ‘Elizabeth may stay in the top 100 this year but will probably remain outside the top 50. Catherine, perhaps surprisingly, was pretty unaffected by Royal fever last year and we’re still failing to see any interest in this classic name for 2013.’

More information for 2013 including the sites official top 40 figures for each gender can be found at:

If you’re struggling to choose a name for your little one, we’ve got some great advice here.

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