Pregnant mother with PatientPak

Birth choices

The general assumption is that all pregnant women, especially those that are pregnant for the first time, will have their baby in hospital. Most women have a range of choices though depending on what's available in their area. The choice for most women is between giving birth at home, in a midwife-led birth centre, or in hospital.For hospital births, although this is likely to be in a unit led by consultants or doctors, midwives deliver most of the babies where there are no complications. In some areas, caseload midwife care is offered. This is where you are looked after throughout your pregnancy by your own midwife, or team of midwives, and one of them will aim to be present for the birth of your baby. They will also look after you after the birth. This is sometimes also called one-to-one care, domino or team midwifery care.