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Share tips on how, when, what and how much to feed your little ones. Also a place to discuss breastfeeding versus bottlefeeding.

Can sma gold and white be used together? (4 posts)

  • Avatar Image NettieJ said 8 years, 3 months ago:

    Hello ladies

    I’m new to this forum as i had my little boy Evan on the 2nd August.  I started by BF’ing but due to a three day labour and emergency section and severe anaemia my milk supply took a long time to come in so i had to introduce formula feeding.

    I used tommee tippee closer to nature bottles and i happily say that Evan took to bottle feeding fine and still feeds off me a couple of times a day.

    I need help regarding formula advise though..  I started Evan on Cow and Gate premium which he would take every four hours and sleep through the night.  My little man would fall asleep during feeds and it would be a real struggle to get him to take the amount he should have sometimes.  After being on it a week he developed diarrhoea and a really sore bottom.  It didn’t clear up in a few days so i after recommendation have switched to sma gold.  The only thing is Evan now wants feeding every 2-3 hours rather than 4 and drinks larger quantities of the sma gold which is fine as still within the recommended limits.  His upset tum seems to have cleared but Evan seems really hungry now at feeding time.  I just wondered can i introduce sma white for hungry baby maybe for nightime feed.  Evan used to sleep through 11-6 but now gets me up twice a night and is ratty in the day as he is tired.  I know it’s early days as he’s not yet a month old but just wondered if any of the rest of you had noticed babies being hungrier on sma than cow and gate and whether you can alternate sma feeds with white and gold without doing any harm?



  • Avatar Image bexjking said 8 years, 3 months ago:

    you can do that but it would probably be easier for you and better for him if you switched to white all the time

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  • Avatar Image oscarjames said 8 years, 3 months ago:

    It’s unlikely that it’s the change in formula that has led to his change in sleeping habits, there isn’t a great deal of difference between first stage formula’s. Many babies are more sleepy in the first couple of weeks of life, as they recover from the ordeal of birth. It’s quite common for them to become more wakeful. Very very few babies of three weeks old will sleep more than four or five hours at a time, it’s totally normal. You could try the hungrier baby milk, but it may not make much difference to Evan’s sleeping habits.


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  • Avatar Image Clarebird1 said 8 years, 3 months ago:

    Hi there, i’ve got a hungry baby and have been advised to wean onto sma white from gold…have just started doing it, alternate bottles but eventually he will go on white all the time.  I think you can feed on both, the health visitor said that you can but most just switch to white…cos ur baby will only take what he or she wants and will leave the rest if they are getting too full – or just puke it up lol   im gonna give it a few days and then switch to white all the time.

    Let me know how you get on with your problem, hope it sorts itself out!

    Clarebird  mum to Harry xx