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  • Avatar Image Rainbow5 said 3 years, 3 months ago:


    Total Messages: 365Subject: Funding for equipment for special needs…….

    Hi Ladies,

    Could you all list the charities that you have applied to to get equipment for your lovely children. I have react but am stuck where to find out anything else.

    This could then become a sticky and would be great help for us all and newcomers.




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    sorry i dont know much but i do know the OT cand the Physio can help

    it all depends on what your child needs.


    melissa’s mummy

    when we where living in south wales she had a special seat off the physio and OT they helped alot

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    ohh this could help along with my parent mentor thing

    cerebra for kids with brain injuries and then ther is the family fund


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    Total Messages: 263Subject: Funding for equipment for special needs…….

    Charity Address/Web Telephone number

    Action for Kids Ability House 0208 347 8111

    15a Tottenham Lane




    BDF Newlife




    Children’s Today The Moorings 01244 335622

    Charitable Trust Rowton Bridge



    CH3 7AE


    Dreams Come True York House 01730 815000

    Knock Hundred Road


    West Sussex


    Handicapped Childrens 4 Farr Avenue 0208 594 4100

    Action Group Barking, Essex

    IG11 0NZ


    Handicapped Children’s 15 Phillimore Gardens 0207 286 4214

    Aid Committee Willesdon

    London NW10


    The Joseph Rowtree PO Box 50 01904 621115

    Family Fund York YO1 2ZX


    Whizz Kidz 1 Warwick Road 02072336600

    London SW1 5ER


    Lifeline 4 Kids 10 Great Western Road 0207 286 4214

    London W9 3NN


    Tender Loving Care 23 Ashurst Road 01202 861190

    West Moors

    Ferndown BH22 0LR


    Caldwell Charitable Trust Minton Hollins 01782 600600

    Shelton Old Road

    Stoke on Trent

    St4 7RY


    The Wishes & Dreams Trust 5 Galloway Drive 0161 794 6179


    Manchester M27 6PG


    Comedians Golfing Society 24 Cross Road Witham 01376 501401

    Essex CM8 2NA


    Children’s Aid Committee 4 Woodthorpe Grange 0161 720 6010

    Prestwich Manchester

    M25 0GU


    The Elifar Foundation 22 Florentine Way



    PO7 8JU


    Local contacts

    These raise funds for local support activities.

    Round Table

    Rotary Club

    Lions Club

    Fire and Police Services

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    Daniel 11(GDD,SLD and a few optional extras) Ryan 10, Sarah 6
    and Katie 2 (hydrocephalus,epilepsy,GDD,hypotonia,hypermobility

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    There is also the variety club they got me a special needs car seat for my little boy i will fing a contact adress for them and add soon! Also the beckham chariety can help with equipment but ill find contact info and add again soon!

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    We managed to get funding for skin suit through BDFnewlife and use the family fund.

    jenny xx

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    BDF Newlife do all types of specialist equipment, car seats, seating systems, walking / standing frames, beds, sleep systems, wheelchairs, buggies, communication aids, bedding / clothing, sensory equipment etc.

    They process grants in about 6 weeks.

    Nurse helpline is 08700 70 70 20

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    Also for serving and ex- sevice families there is SSAFA and army banevoland fund (think that spelt right lol)

    mum to 4 monsters,
    Daniel 12(GDD,SLD and a few optional extras) Ryan 10, Sarah 6
    and Katie 3 hydrocephalus,epilepsy,GDD,hypotonia,hypermobility,SID)

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    i work with children with special needs and can simpathise with u all if u have ever had to stuggle with getting equipment. i south wales they go through their physio , ot or some go throught heir community nurse or social worker. there is an equipment loan centre called dewis centre for independent living equipment loan they do bath seats hoists etc and social services are pretty good in helping with equipment .

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    Google ‘contact a family’ – they helped me claim for a weighted blanket for R. They also gave me a list of grant making trusts and organisations.

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    Total Messages: 4862Subject: Funding for equipment for special needs…….

    Does anyone know if there’s any charities that help disabled parents to look after their children? My OT can provide adult equipment for me and any equipment my daughter needs because she is disabled but nobody can provide things she needs because I am disabled. I mean things like a sliding door cot, a rise and fall bath seat, a radio hearing aid so a parent can hear their child talking, that kind of thing. There is a lot of impact on kids’ lives from this sort of thing and there doesn’t seem to be anyone filling this funding gap.

    Kerry xx


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  • Avatar Image Janey.1971 said 3 years, 2 months ago:

    On Facebook, if you look for Merlins Magic Wand, you can join that page and they will help give you, your child and rest of your family, a day out, including petrol, at theme parks ie. Alton Towers, Legoland etc.

    We got 6 tickets, petrol to Legoland to give our two autistic children, a lovely day.

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  • Avatar Image Rainbow5 said 3 years ago:

    On the tourettes action web site there are grants available for up to £500 for people with tourettes. :)

    Kerry xx


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