Britax B-Motion 4

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Britax B MotionThis Spring sees the introduction of BRITAX’s new lightweight pushchair, the Britax  B-MOTION 4.  This latest pushchair offering from BRITAX provides the perfect choice for parents looking for a one-stop solution to their pushchair woes, the B-MOTION 4 incorporates versatility, comfort and a smooth ride for their child.

Complete with air-filled rubber wheels, the B-MOTION 4 can tackle any terrain, be it your local supermarket or the leafy surroundings at your local park, whilst its superior rear suspension helps to ensure a bump-free ride for any little passengers. Parents can also be rest assured that the B-MOTION 4 will not only provide ultimate protection and comfort fora newborn, but that it is perfectly spacious and comfortable for a boisterous 4-year-old.

Comparable to the popular, award winning B-AGILE family, the B-MOTION 4 has a lightweight aluminium chassis and a quick, easy one-handed fold mechanism – a dream for those parents who are familiar with battling to fold their pushchair with baby-in-hand.  The added benefit of a height adjustable padded handle allows parents to push their little one in maximum comfort.

With multi-position seat recline, including lay-flat mode, the B-MOTION 4 provides the ultimate comfort and protection from birth to four years, whilst its detachable CLICK & GO® adapters create a handy travel system when used in conjunction with BRITAX BABY-SAFE infant carriers.

Moritz Walther, Business Unit Manager Travel Systems at BRITAX, comments, “Our core focus in designing the B-MOTION 4was to create a quality lightweight pushchair with a one-handed fold, great suspension and other genuinely useful features that parents really need. This really is the only pushchair parents need to see their newborn baby through to 4 years of age.”

Weighing just 10.5kg, the B-MOTION 4’s spacious shopping basket is ideal for storing all-important baby essentials on-the-go; with plenty of room for any groceries should you go shopping, and a removable seat cover for using the B-MOTION 4 as a travel system for newborns.

The B-MOTION 4 will be available exclusively at Kiddicare from April 2013 for RRP £249.99. The B-MOTION comes with a raincover and bumper bar as standard which are included in the price.

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2 thoughts on “Britax B-Motion 4

  1. penster14 wrote on
    Ease of Use
    Value For Money

    When I first read about this pushchair I wondered if it might be too good to be true as previous similar models always seemed to have quite a few downsides, however I’m pleased to say this is really a brilliant pushchair and so far has lived up to all it’s promises!

    I’ve had a lot of pushchairs over the years that have promised to be one hand fold or easy fold, but this is the only one for me that has truly lived up to this. I have found that you do have to make sure the wheels are unlocked, because as it folds the front wheels spin round to allow the frame to click into the folded position, and also if you adjust the handle first it is freestanding when folded which is fab when you do only have one free hand.

    The pushchair does feel light to lift and carry and thanks to the pneumatic tyres it’s a dream to push, I let my 7 year old in for a little rest and he’s a solid boy but it still felt comfortable to push and not too heavy, and didn’t seem to struggle with him so it really is well built.

    The seat is spacious and padded and does go completely flat for a newborn, although I would probably at least get a liner just to make it a little more snug. The only criticism with the seat is that to get it to it’s most upright position needs a few pulls on the toggle but that may just be because it’s fairly new and still a bit stiff.

    The adjustable handle is very good, it is really versatile and would be suitable for pretty much anyone, I’m 5′ 10″ and at it’s full height it’s too tall for me which is a novel experience! It’s also fine for my 9 year old to comfortably push so really is ok for anyone. Another feature I love as a tall mom is the curved bar at the back of the basket, it means no more bashed ankles when you have a long stride! The basket itself is a good size and has plenty of room for getting things in and out.

    I love that the hood goes so far forward and the mesh panel especially comes into it’s own in hot weather by keeping baby in the shade while allowing fresh air to circulate, there is also a viewing panel on the back of the hood so you can keep an eye on baby at all times.

    The only possibly negative thing I’ve really noticed is that the footrest is fixed, but as the seat is quite deep I can’t see that this would be a problem for a smaller baby.

    This pushchair can be used as a travel system and all the pictures I’ve seen of it so far show the car seat attached to the chassis with the seat unit removed, however it can also be used with the seat unit in place.

    Overall I think this really is a brilliant buy that ticks all my boxes and then some, for the price I really do think you’re getting a pushchair that is well built and stylish, but compact enough to not be looking around for a buggy in a few months time!

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  2. Starbux wrote on
    Ease of Use
    Value For Money

    This really is a fab pushchair. As a mother of three children and as a child minder, I have been through a fair few pushchairs over the years, but this has to be one of the best I’ve used!

    Lets start with the opening/folding mechanism. You really can fold the pushchair using just one hand which in my opinion is pretty impressive and very useful! For such a spacious pushchair, it folds down pretty compactly too. I haven’t managed to unfold it using just one hand though – to press the release catch and then unfold it, takes two hands!

    The adjustable handle is really useful, especially seeing as I am only 5ft tall and my husband is closer to 6ft! It means that with the press of a button, we can easily change the handle height to make the pushchair comfortable for the both of us.

    The seat part of the pushchair is really spacious. I use it on a daily basis for my 2 year old and she is always comfortable and has plenty of room to stretch out. My 4 year old has had a go and fit in it with room to spare, and in fact I’ve even sat my 6 year old in it and he fit comfortably too! Even with the bumper bar in place, there is ample space!

    When my 3 month old nephew came to stay, I tested it out with him and can safely say that this pushchair works just as well with a young baby as it does with a toddler. The seat reclines all the way back into a flat position and thanks to the toggle design, can be reclined to any angle you require between sitting and lying down flat.

    The hood is deep, meaning that it is brilliant at shielding the occupant from the elements, whether it be a windy day or a sunny one. The zip in the middle of the hood means that you can extend it even further and use it as a sun screen even when the sun is directly in front of you. The middle extendable part of the hood is made of a see-through mesh material meaning that you can clearly see to check on your baby even though the hood is fully extended.

    The rain cover is quick and easy to fasten in place and is plenty big enough to ensure that all parts of the pushchair (and it’s occupant!) remain dry.

    There is an amazing zip pocket at the back of the pushchair behind the backrest of the seat which is just ideal for putting all your belongings into. It is very deep meaning it holds lots – I use it for my nappy changing kit and can fit my nappies, changing mat, wipes and a change of clothes and still have room to spare!

    The basket underneath the pushchair is a generous size and depth. I keep my rain cover in it and still have room for other odds and ends too.

    I have used the pushchair in all terrains – it holds its own off-road and handles the lumps and bumps of dirt and gravel paths through the woods with no trouble at all. The only place it did come unstuck was on the beach – the smaller wheels at the front would not push through the sand and I had to drag the pushchair backwards, using the larger rear wheels instead.

    The only other slight issue I have found with the pushchair is that the catches on the smaller front wheels that allow you to either lock them in a forward-facing position or unlock them to allow them to swivel, sometimes get knocked into the ‘locked’ position of their own accord. I think that this must happen when we jolt up and down curbs etc, and I have to reach forwards and flick them into the ‘unlocked’ position again. This has only happened a handful of times though and when the front wheels are in their swivel position, the handling and manoeuvrability of the pushchair is excellent.

    I would certainly recommend this pushchair to be used from birth right through to the end of your child’s pushchair days!

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