Clippasafe Milk Temperature Indicator

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Clippasafe Milk Temperature Indicator

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One thought on “Clippasafe Milk Temperature Indicator

  1. ethquek wrote on
    Ease of Use
    Value For Money

    About the reviewer: Mother of one – 10 months
    Short Title: Easy to use, once used to it!
    Overall Verdict: Don’t throw away the packaging before you get used to the colour changes!
    Best Feature: It’s sensitivity to temperature changes
    Worst Feature: You have to be know the colours, which aren’t very contrasting
    Tested for: 1 week
    This comes in a set of six temperature indicator discs plus a spoon which is also temperature sensitive. The discs change colour from dark purple (default) to lilac (right temperature) to pink (too hot). I used it to test both fluids and solids, and the discs change colour within seconds of picking up a temperature change.

    It’s a good buy – especially for when you first start bottle feeding.

    GD Star Rating

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