Combi Twin Savvy Stroller

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Twin pushchair

Combi Twin Savvy Stroller


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One thought on “Combi Twin Savvy Stroller

  1. cgallacher wrote on
    Ease of Use
    Value For Money

    About the reviewer: mother of twins
    Short Title: Great pushchair
    Overall Verdict: Love it but would prefer a tandem
    Best Feature: Double Fold Mechanism
    Worst Feature: Width and shopping baskets
    Tested for: 7 months
    This is a great pushchair in general. There are a few faults which I will pick up on, but I hear that these are pretty synonomous with most twin least the side by side type.

    I really didn’t want to go for the side by side type of pushchair myself and spent ages, whilst pregnant, searching for a tandem type pushchair. Unfortunately I was unable to find one suitable from birth in this country…although I have now seen available ones on this website and am kicking myself. Maybe they weren’t available then?

    When I heard about this new double fold feature from Combi I was very excited! The pushchair folds back in the traditional fashion and then folds in half again. This reults in the final folded pushchair being not much bigger than a single pushchair..great for fitting into a small boot. We could fit ours into a saxo and a corsa.

    The mechanism can be a little awkward to work when folding…they wheels all have to be locked and the seats have to be fully reclined..once you get the hang of it its OK but having to mess about with the front wheels if its been raining isn’t nice.

    The pushcahir is very light and easy to move when folded…and stands up too!!

    The width of the pushchair is a nightmare. I couldn’t get it through the front doorway so have to put the babies into the pushchair on the front doorstep…not good if its raining. There are many shops I can’t get into with the pushchair and some where the aisles are too small even if I do manage to get in! Shopping trips can often be spent splitting up, so one waits outside with the pushchair and the other goes it alone inside…not fun!

    The shopping baskets underneath the pushchair are a decent enough size but you can’t get anything in there as the gap is too small and the wheel axle is in the way. There is an unclipping mechanism at the side but to be honest this is awkward to do and doesn’t really make it much easier to get anything in there! Consequently I couldn’t fit my change bag in there and there is nowhere to hang anything off the back or sides of the pushchair (Probably a safetly measure to prevent the chair tipping up) so I would end up with my avent rucksack on my back spoiling my outfit!

    Overall though, the chair looks good and the babies have been very comfortable in it. Get a tandem if you want to get in doorways though!!

    GD Star Rating

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