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Independent Midwives UK

Midwives write an open letter in the press to the Government

The Health Minister has repeatedly ignored and refused requests for help from hundreds of women and midwives to stop the illegalisation of Independent Midwifery in October. They have refused an urgent request for a meeting from Independent Midwives UK to explain the barriers midwives have experienced in accessing insurance. They have no choice but to…

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How to organise a waterbirth

First of all discuss the matter with your midwife. She might be happy to support you in labour, or to give you the name of another midwife who has more experience of waterbirth. If she cannot help you, get in touch with the supervisor of midwives at your hospital. If you are planning a home birth, you may…

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Pregnant lady

Home birth: your rights

Even though you have decided on a home birth, you may find that family, friends and some medical staff are against the idea so it’s worth knowing just what your rights are, how to convince others that you actually really do know what you want and, if all else fails, what options you’re left with…

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Newborn baby

How to arrange a home birth

Once your GP knows you are pregnant he or she will then arrange a booking appointment. This usually takes place around 12 weeks but may vary around the country.You’re most likely to see your Community midwife at your booking in appointment and she is the person who would normally attend a home birth, so this is the perfect opportunity…

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