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Money worries

Feeling the financial strain? ‘Be Aware’…

If you’re still feeling the strain of your bank balance despite reports that the economy is improving and that things are ‘on the up’, you’re not alone.  A new survey commissioned by the national charity Turn2us has found that over three-fifths (62%) of working parents feel their financial situation has worsened in the last year.…

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Financial help in pregnancy

Financial help: are you entitled?

2013 has undoubtedly been a difficult year financially for many families in the UK. More and more households are struggling to keep up with the rising costs of food, energy and other essentials.  Not only are many people unaware of the support available to them through welfare benefits, but also of those that are, the perceived complexities of applying…

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Money worries

Turn2Us for help with back to school financial woes

After the expense of six weeks of childcare, day trips with the kids and your family holiday, the final financial straw for many families will be the back to school battering of the bank balance.  Once your kids have their new uniform, new shoes, new school bag, lunchbox, PE kits and all the other essentials,…

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woman at desk

The benefits system is changing – are you prepared?

This month has seen the start of some of the biggest ever changes to the welfare benefits system, which will begin to roll out nationally over the next few years. To coincide with its Benefits Awareness Month campaign, which is running throughout April, the charity Turn2us outlines how these changes might impact families, and offers…

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family benefits

Universal Credit & Benefits Cap: how will they affect you?

Over the next few years, there are big changes set to take place to the welfare system in the UK.   The changes will start in April this year with the introduction of the Benefits Cap, a new threshold which will affect larger families in particular, as well as changes to Housing Benefit, and the implementation…

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Mum working on a laptop

Increase in Parental Leave entitlement from 13 to 18 weeks

The idea of a legal right for employees to take 18 weeks parental leave is probably quite an alarming one for most employers.  We look below at what this right really means and why it may not be such a worry for employers in practice… What has changed? From Friday 8 March 2013, parents will…

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Childcare warning sign

Childcare Costs – How You Can Save Money

The New Year of 2013 has certainly hit parents with changes to child benefit, childcare costs and tax cuts for working parents. With the government expected to release detailed proposals as a result of the Childcare Commission next week, Child Benefit being cut for higher rate tax payers and childcare costs being at the forefront…

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Child Benefit letter for January 2013

Child Benefit change: one month to go

The child benefit changes are approaching fast and with Christmas perhaps distracting parents you may want to take a few minutes to read your letter and make sure you make your decisions soon. High-earning child benefit recipients have a month to decide whether to stop receiving the benefit or to pay a charge on it…

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Counting the pennies

Turn2us for help with back to school budgets

When the children go back to school, the money seems to go flying out of the window: school uniform, after school clubs, sports kits, school trips…the list is endless and never seems to get any shorter.  As cuts, salary freezes and childcare fees continue to wipe out family earnings, UK charity Turn2us is urging parents…

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The benefits of baby carrying

Most parents own some form of baby carrier, yet despite this more than eight in ten parents in the UK transport their babies by pushchair rather than carrying them. But what exactly does baby carrying involve and should we do more of it? We talk to chiropractor, Julian Keel (pictured right carrying his 7 month old daughter in a…

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