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Parents with prospects

New app helps breathing in labour

A brand new app has just been launched to help pregnant women understand fetal development milestones and control their breathing throughout pregnancy and when they are going into labour. The app, named ‘Pregnancy and Breathing’, was developed by Gloucestershire-based, Prospect Training Services (PTS) and help the breathing process is through an illustrated flowing slider on screen that fluctuates up…

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Breastfeeding a baby with down syndrome

Breastfeeding your baby with Down Syndrome

Breastfeeding your baby is a wonderful gift you can give.  Breastfeeding can be a valuable and rewarding part of caring for your baby and contribute to their well-being. Babies with Down Syndrome experience special benefits from breast milk and breastfeeding beyond the many advantages to typical newborns. Breast milk provides extra protection against infections and…

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Jack sat with his mum

Down syndrome: screening for breathing problems

Researchers at the University of Southampton are planning to investigate tests for a breathing disorder that affects babies and children who have Down syndrome while they sleep. They aim to provide the missing evidence so that doctors can introduce affordable and simple routine screening. The project, led by sleep specialist Dr Catherine Hill, is funded…

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Mum breastfeeding her newborn baby

Winter feeds – Tips for breastfeeding a sick baby

Breast milk has so many health benefits and whilst it won’t necessarily prevent your baby from catching a nasty cold or lurgie, it will help your baby to recover quickly. Your milk is constantly changing and producing antibodies to bacteria and viruses you encounter and you are able to pass antibodies directly to your baby…

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Take a Deep Breath

Win a copy of Take a Deep Breath

At some point during childhood, 80 to 90% of all children have a breathing problem. ‘Take a Deep Breath’ is a comprehensive, accessible, and indispensible guide for parents, caregivers, teachers and healthcare providers on the subject of children’s breathing issues. From the uppermost part of the airway — the nose – to the lowermost part…

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How to resuscitate your baby or young child

How to perform resuscitation and CPR on a baby or young child

Having the knowledge needed to carry out first aid on a child or baby can be vital and yet 81% of parents admit they don’t have the skills required to administer even basic first aid. Stats reveal that over half of all parents asked would be afraid of doing something wrong.* The fifth and final…

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First aid for choking baby

What to do if your child is choking

Would you know what to do if you were involved in a situation with a choking baby or toddler? Last year 15,000 under-five’s were admitted to A&E because of choking*. Tesco Baby & Toddler Club are currently running its BabySafe campaign – an initiative to offer free, basic first aid training to parents, grandparents and…

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Baby Bronchiolitis

Baby Bronchiolitis awareness campaign for parents

UK’s first national bronchiolitis awareness campaign launched with parent-friendly website…

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Young woman relaxing on sofa

Relaxation in pregnancy

One of the most important things that you can do to help yourself in labour is to learn relaxation in pregnancy as much as possible. Here are a few reasons why being relaxed is helpful. Why learning to relax is important If you’re tense, labour contractions are likely to be more painful, which in turn…

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Pregnant belly

Practising breathing for labour

There’s no need to learn any complicated breathing for labour, but it can be useful to practise it during your pregnancy in preparation. How deep breathing for labour helps: It helps you relax It keeps your womb (and your baby) supplied with oxygen It gives you something to focus on other than the pain of…

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