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Golden granulated, light muscovado and dark muscovado sugar

Sugar sense for families!

Children do not need to eat large amounts of sugar, yet we in the Western world are consuming ever-increasing amounts of the stuff. It’s not always obvious, however, how much we are eating and where it is hidden. In this piece, we look at the role sugar plays in children’s diets and how to control a potentially…

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Teeth 4 Life

‘Teeth4Life’ message to parents

THE EARILER good habits are formed the easier they are to maintain - that’s the message which the organisers of National Smile Month 2010 are trying to get across to parents. The British Dental Health Foundation is urging parents to help their children realise the importance of learning a good oral health routine at a young age so they…

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Dental health during pregnancy

The evidence of a link between the oral health of pregnant mothers and how it affects their unborn babies is rapidly growing stronger. Recent studies have suggested that poor levels of dental health in pregnant women can result in a greater chance of premature births. In addition, the very first case linking gum disease to stillbirth was discovered earlier…

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Gum disease in pregnant women

Premature births linked to gum disease

Look after your teeth when you’re pregnant as gum disease could be linked to premature births, experts warn. American researchers from the University of Alabama studied a group of 1,313 women when they were 21 to 24 weeks into their pregnancy. Their dental and medical records were studied and behavioural assessments were carried out. Typical…

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