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Home birth

Home birth: just how messy is a home birth?

Like many parents planning a home birth, one of the most likely questions you’ll have is just how messy does a home birth get. Read on to find out what midwives and other home birthing mums think and to get some practical clean-up tips. Minimising mess Childbirth in general and home birth in particular is surprisingly less messy than…

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When and how to do baby massage

Baby massage is an extension of our instinct to nurture and touch and so it is appropriate to begin massage from birth using gentle strokes. Babies younger than six weeks would benefit from a shorter sessions of 5-10 minutes as they may be sensitive to stimulation however, some babies may not like being naked for very long…

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Tooth brush and tooth paste

Cleaning your baby’s teeth

Your baby’s teeth should be cleaned at least once a day as soon as there is sufficient tooth surface showing. Cradle your baby’s head in your arms in front of you At first you may find it easier to use a piece of clean gauze wrapped around your forefinger Later use a small, soft nylon baby…

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Passport and money

Passports for babies

Obtaining a passport for your baby does not need to be a stressful experience. We have put together what you will need to consider. Passport basics Since 6 October 1998, children under 16 years of age have had to possess their own passport, rather than be added on to their parents’. A child passport lasts for five years…

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