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Win Sweet Sleep : Nightime and naptime strategies for the breastfeeding family from La Leche League International.

Win Sweet Sleep : Nighttime and naptime strategies for the breastfeeding family

The proposed Nice (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidance published recently ignores the many benefits of bed sharing and may encourage parents to hide their bed sharing and not seek out safe practice.   La Leche League International SWEET SLEEP explores the evidence and argues it can be carried out safely where…

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Coping with birth

Breastfeeding your first child : case study

Hannah, 38, breastfed her first child, William, for just eight weeks, found the whole process completely exhausting and felt she wasn’t satisfying his needs. Her second child, Grace, was much easier and she breastfed for more than four months before returning to work. She explains: “William was just born a hungry baby. He latched on fine and I didn’t…

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Breastfeeding boosts intelligence

More evidence is being put forward that breastfed babies eventually become more intelligent than those who are fed with formula milk. Canada’s McGill University found breastfed babies ended up performing better in IQ tests by the age of six. But the researchers were unsure whether it was related to the breast milk itself or the…

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Midwife holding newborn baby

Hospitals continue to fail mums to breastfeed

Just one in ten babies in England is born in a hospital that adequately promotes breastfeeding, Unicef has found. Overstretched maternity units are not achieving the Unicef Baby Friendly accreditation which sets standards for helping women to feed their babies naturally. Guidance was issued by the National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) two years ago saying all…

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Breastfeeding message missing target

The Government has been criticised for failing to reach many women when promoting breastfeeding. Between 40% and 60% of women in the UK breastfeed for the first months of a baby’s life but the lower the social class, the less likely a woman is to breastfeed. Breastfeeding offers increased protection to babies against a number of infections and allergies and reduces…

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