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Medicine bag for holidays

What will you need in your medicine bag for your holidays? Skin Sun cream or Sunnies Aftersun Calamine lotion Piriton Syrup Anthisan cream Tummy upsets Wet wipes Tissues Paper bags Travel sickness bands Ginger Dioralyte Temperature control Calpol or other paediatric paracetamol product Nurofen for children Spray bottle to fill with water Kiddi Kool Patches…

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Medicine cabinet survey results

A survey on 16 June, 2000, found that eight out of 10 GPs believe patients are not sufficiently prepared for minor incidents and illnesses. The survey, by Norwich Union Healthcare, found: More than half couldn’t tell their temperature because they didn’t have a thermometer More than a third had no sunscreen Two-thirds had no anti-histamies for…

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