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Essential fatty acids during pregnancy

Oily fish such as mackerel, tuna and sardines (tinned or fresh) are especially good sources of protein during pregnancy, because they also contain essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are nutrients that we need to take direct from food; our bodies cannot make them. They are vital for good brain development and hormone production. Good sources of essential fatty acids…

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Coping with asthma while pregnant

Asthma in pregnancy worse with girl babies

New research suggests that asthmatics pregnant with little girls are more likely to suffer with their condition than those carrying boys. The scientists from the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, Australia presented their research to the American Thoracic Society conference in Orlando, Florida, suggesting that the female foetus could produce a substance that could worsen their mother’s asthma. The…

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Box with a Hamburger and French Fries

Junk food clogs children’s brains

New research says that too many fatty foods in our children’s diet can cause permanent damage to their developing brains. The warnings follow investigations into how we are affected by ‘bad fats’, man made trans-fatty acids – the by-products of the process that allows manufacturers to extend the shelf life of foods by using cheap, solidified vegetable oils instead…

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