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Mum and daughter

Baby toiletries – are they affecting our children?

Most new mums buy all the toiletries produced especially for baby care – but one mum found that the combination of products was harming her daughter’s health… Charlotte’s story When baby Sandra was born, Charlotte Vohtz was like any new mum. She bought all the special toiletries marketed to help her take good care of…

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What is BPA? – a controversial chemical called Bisphenol-A

What is BPA? – it is a controversial chemical called Bisphenol-A (BPA). This chemical has been removed from baby bottles in the US, but the UK manufacturers have yet to stop using it. Despite six US manufacturers responding to consumer demand by removing BPA from their bottles, the UK will continue selling bottles containing BPA, a decision which…

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EU won’t ban BPA from baby bottles

Calls to ban baby bottles made with a chemical linked to early puberty, breast cancer, miscarriage and infertility have been rejected by EU watchdogs. The European Food Safety Authority(EFSA) has angered campaigners by rejecting a raft of research highlighting health risks caused by Bisphenol A(BPA). In April, the Canadian government banned the sale of baby bottles containing the chemical,…

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Baby crying

EC bans PVC teething toys

Teething toys made of soft PVC have been banned by the European Commission because they contain the suspect chemical softeners called phthalates which can be released as a result of sucking or chewing. All PVC used in the toy industry is routinely tested to safety standards set by the Scientific Committee of Toxicology, Ecotoxicity and the Environment (SCTEE).…

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