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My Premature Baby App

Tommy’s launches free My Premature Baby App

Preparing for a premature birth is probably impossible. So many worried parents are afraid to tell friends and family their baby has arrived, so with the help from the Baby charity Tommy’s the launch of a free My Premature Baby App is a very welcome support for parents of babies born too soon. On World…

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Expecting Twins: Possible problems of prematurity

It stands to reason that our bodies weren’t designed to carry more baby at once, so the expected gestation for twins is only 37 weeks.  However with the increased risk of pre-eclampsia and other complications, prematurity is more likely in twins than in single pregnancies, as such, parents to be should be prepared for the…

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Premature baby with bear

Premature babies – the facts

Unfortunately over 60,000 babies a year are born prematurely in the UK.  As a pregnant lady now or if you are trying to concieve you may find this a little distressing to read about. However, understanding the facts about prematurity and why this happens can help you to recognise any symptoms, so being informed and…

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Official charity for 10K 2013

Baby charity Tommy’s is the official charity partner for British 10K 2013

Tommy’s has been chosen as the official charity for one of Britain’s most prestigious 10K runs through the capital city, taking place on Sunday 14th July 2013. Inspired by the unforgettable spirit  that the 2012 Olympics brought to London, Tommy’s is hoping to keep the momentum alive with the British 10K 2013! The popular 10km…

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Baby in a premature baby unit

Bliss video to help parents with a premature baby

Each year in the UK, around 80,000 babies are born too soon, too small, or too sick. Bliss, the special care baby charity, works to help these babies and their families through what is an extremely difficult time, providing vital support and free advice. Through its family support services Bliss offers a free helpline for…

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Premature baby using a Parafricta® Baby Nest

Parafricta® Baby Nests for a premature baby

The Parafricta® Baby Nests have been developed and created to help protect the delicate skin of your premature baby. The NICU at St. Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey contacted APA Parafricta with a problem – how could they incorporate the unique properties of Parafricta® into the Baby Nests that were used on the unit? They had…

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Pregnancy Health

Sparks Bump Campaign

Sparks, the UK’s leading children’s medical research charity, has launched an awareness raising campaign to highlight the need for funding into medical research for serious conditions affecting babies, children and mums-to-be. The Sparks Bump Campaign The bump campaign is highlighting a severe lack of funding into paediatric research, allowing 3000 babies to die before their…

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Complementary aromatherapy

Aromatherapy and conception

There is no doubting that trying for a baby, and the stress and frustration that accompanies the arrival of each period, takes the fun and spontaneity out of, well, trying for a baby! Aromatherapy uses essential oils, which are distilled and purified from various plants, and many of which are said to increase fertility. It’s simple, non-invasive and, thanks…

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Small Wonders DVD

Small Wonders DVD for families with a premature or sick baby

A new national initiative Small Wonders Change Programme has been launched to enable every family of a sick or premature baby to be at the cornerstone of their baby’s care in ways that can help to improve health outcomes. UK-based child health charity Best Beginnings, working with six medical Royal College, UNICEF and more than…

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Tommy's Baking Day

Tommy’s Digikit to Raise Vital Funds for Parents & Babies

DaisyTrail, the online social crafting network, has launched a scrumptious digital craft kit to raise money for its partner Tommy’s – a charity that funds medical research into preventing miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. All proceeds* will be donated to Tommy’s, and you can download the digikit now. Tommy’s Baking Day is perfect for anyone…

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