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Mum struggling to leave baby at Christmas

Christmas fear for new mums leaving baby for the 1st time

As the Christmas party season approaches how will new mums cope? Instead of looking forward to the occasion, a number of new mums are silently struggling with leaving their babies behind for the first time. After months of sleepless nights and being devoted to baby around the clock, mums deserve a break, but a recent…

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When is my baby ready to…? Part 3

As babies still don’t come with instructions parents naturally have zillions of questions born out of curiousity or concern. At babyworld we know exactly how you feel. In the third part of our series we aim to answer even more of your questions about babies and make parenting that little bit easier for you! …swim in the sea?…

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Little boy crying

Separation anxiety and your baby

Most parents will be familiar with the distressing sight of their child crying when they leave them at nursery or with a carer but this doesn’t usually mean there is anything to worry about. In fact it is a very normal part of your child’s development. Separation anxiety Child psychologists define separation anxiety as referring…

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Crying child

My baby won’t stop crying when I leave him at nursery

How do you manage your child crying when you leave them at nursery or with family and friends? The problem “My one-year-old has just started nursery and he cries a lot, on and off all day. I seem to be doing all the right things – it is a great nursery, there are good people…

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Calming your baby or toddler down

Calming an anxious child

We all get worried from time to time but what can we do when our children just can’t calm down? We look at what causes excitability and anxiety in children and how to help them. Feeling fearful: nature or nurture? Everyone has felt fearful or anxious or just not ‘right’ at some point in their life. Fear, tension,…

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