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Twin babies

Why do twins occur?

Over 9,500 sets of twins were born in the UK in 2001. But, how and why do twins ‘happen’, and how do you tell if you’re carrying identical or fraternal twins? Twins can occur in two ways. In around a third of cases just one egg is fertilised but within days it splits, each half developing…

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Little boy crying

Separation anxiety and your baby

Most parents will be familiar with the distressing sight of their child crying when they leave them at nursery or with a carer but this doesn’t usually mean there is anything to worry about. In fact it is a very normal part of your child’s development. Separation anxiety Child psychologists define separation anxiety as referring…

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Home birth

Home birth: why you might need to be transferred to hospital

Even when you have successfully booked a home birth, circumstances might arise which lead to a change of plan, so that your care during pregnancy, or even during labour, is transferred to hospital. In pregnancy about 15 in every 100 women are advised to switch to hospital care. In labour, about 3 in 10 women having their first…

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Immunisation for your child

Why should I immunise my child?

Immunisation is the safest and most effective way to protect your child against life-threatening disease. Babies are born with some natural immunity which they get from their mother through the placenta and if she breast feeds. However, this immunity to diseases does not last long after they are born so vaccinations are given to help them build their own…

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