Disclaimer of Liability : visitors and members’ contributions to the website

To the extent permissible by law, Glam Media Ltd, trading as “babyworld” assumes no responsibility for information published on this site and disclaims all liability in respect of such information. Glam Media Ltd is not liable for any injury and/or damage to persons or property as a result of any actual or alleged libellous statements, infringements of intellectual property or privacy rights, or product liability, whether resulting from negligence or otherwise, including without limitation, from any use or operation of any ideas, instructions, procedures, products or methods contained in the material published on the site. Babyworld.com Limited does not warrant that the information published on the site is accurate or free from error. Information published within the site is intended solely for the purpose of providing general information. The information is not intended to be nor is it to be treated as a substitute for professional medical advice relative to a specific medical condition or question. ALWAYS seek the advice of your doctor for any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. You agree to accept the application of English law to govern matters between Glam Media Ltd and yourself.

Visitors and members’ contributions to the website

We are pleased to receive your contributions to the website (these include member home pages, baby home pages, pregnancy diaries, birth stories, baby diaries, tips, discussion groups, product reviews and anywhere else that your contributions are included on the website).  We point out that the website is international and is accessible throughout the world and that by contributing in any way to the website, as above, you are consenting to the publication of your contribution on babyworld and to linked babyworld sites.  Glam Media/babyworld reserves the right to edit any contributions where necessary.

Please note that there is a risk that any photographs posted on any babyworld website may be downloaded and electronically altered by another user of that site.  Whilst this is prohibited by the terms of Glam Media/babyworld’s copyright permission notice, members should be aware of this risk before submitting photographs for publication on the site.

Chat Rooms/Discussion Forums

The chat room service is intended to facilitate communication between parents and parents-to-be, and the views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Glam Media Ltd. The posting of defamatory comment or material that infringes the rights of others has no place in such discussions, and will not be permitted. Although Glam Media Ltd is not responsible for comments included in this area, it reserves the right to review postings and delete them if they are not appropriate and the user’s right to access the chat room may be rescinded. Users should also be aware that such activities may subject them to civil actions or criminal penalties. CorelDRAW® 9 which are protected by the copyright laws of the U.S, Canada and elsewhere. Used under license.

Featured Products

Although all advertising is expected to conform to the appropriate advertising standards, inclusion of such material in this site does not constitute a guarantee or endorsement of the quality or value of any products or of the claims made for them by the manufacturer. Users are advised to verify product information with the manufacturer.

This publication includes images from CorelDRAW® 9 which are protected by the copyright laws of the US, Canada and elsewhere. Used under license.

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